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 Professor of Chemistry
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Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523 USA
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Group News

 January-13-18, 2019  
Biannual 24th inter Fluorine Conference, Clearwater, FLA, USA.
Three group members, Nick DeWeerd, Colin Brook and Brian Reeves presented their posters in two separate poster sessions. Steve Strauss gave an invited talk, and Olga Boltalina presented a lecture. 

Poster #8. Synthesis, structure, stability and electrochemical properties of perfluoroalkylated coronenes. N.J.DeWeerd, E.V. Bukovsky, A. Popov, X. Wang, O.V. Boltalina, S.H. Strauss.

Poster #10. Perfluoroalkylation of perylene: Reactivity trends and surprises. C. Brook, N.J. DeWeerd, I.V.Kuvychko, A. Popov, O.V. Boltalina, S.H. Strauss.

Poster #18. Fluorous fullerene acceptors in vacuum-deposited photovoltaic cells. B.J. Reeves, C. Brook, K. Walzer, O.V. Boltalina, S.H. Strauss.

87. (CL) Comparative reactivity study of trifluoromethylfullerenes. L. San, Q. Deng, S.H. Strauss, A.A.Popov, O.V. Boltalina
92. (IL) Variable-temperature/variable-humidity FTIR, solid-state NMR, and computational study of weak O–H---F hydrogen bonding in M(H2O)6(B12F12) hydrates. M.R. Lacroix, Y. Liu, Y. Yang, J. Hetmanczyk, S.H. Strauss

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